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New to Sony and full frame


Hello All. I started photography about 2 years ago with Fujifilm, but moved over to Sony this past month. I'm honestly posting to try to win the monthly camera give away lol. Anyway, I'm enjoying the A7C and compact lenses and wanting to try a telephoto or ultra to see if I could get some clever shots of wildlife  and birds. How do some of y'all schedule shooting sessions when not a professional photographer? I have two younger kids and find it difficult to shoot things other than them doing same ol daily things (ie: eating, walking, laying around)? Just curious.


Prime Creator

Love the honesty! I posted for the competition too! 😉 Welcome to the Sony Cult...err...Family! 🙂 Great to hear you're enjoying the A7C! I'm a wildlife shooter and I love the 200-600mm G OSS lens for birding!

As for scheduling shooting sessions, it definitely is a balancing act between work, family, and hobby! 🙂
There are kid version cameras out there where they can do photography too! You and the kids can do photo sessions together.

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Even as a professional, I sometimes have a hard time scheduling shoots for myself. Like anything, you just need to make it a priority. Maybe start with a couple hours twice a month and go from there?

It also might help to have a specific goal to work towards, since you mention birds, maybe trying to get as many different birds as you can?

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Scheduling when you're not doing it fulltime (and have other responsibilities) can be difficult but if you're able to carve out time on the weekends or even later in the day during the workweek, you should be able to find time to shoot both as a hobby and/or make some side money. 


I was in the same situation back in the early 80s, raising babies and takeing photos using B&W film on a manuel camera. Got some great images of my children and fast foward today getting better photos of my grandchildren with my A7111. Just keep shooting and learnig on your own, also take time to enjoy your photos.