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Sony A1


I am a hobbyist wildlife photographer, switched to  Sony almost 24 months back with A7R4 200-600 combo, must  admit I struggled a bit initially but got on track within few weeks.

While A7r4 is a great device, struggled to manage low light condition, but with introduction of Sony A1 all my requirement  got addressed , amazing auto focus , frame rate of 30fps, 50 mp , bird eye focus tracking and the list goes on and on.

Now my go to gear is A1+400Mm GM as well 70-200 M2 . Even with 1.4x TC  no noticeable AF drag. Over all so happy with ALPHA gears. Thank you SONY

Check to my work @ Insta @venkisrs

Resplendent QuetzalResplendent QuetzalGrey Crowned CraneGrey Crowned CraneKeel Billed ToucanKeel Billed ToucanSpotted Eagle OwlSpotted Eagle OwlGolden Hour From MaraGolden Hour From MaraTender MomentsTender MomentsQueen KabosoQueen KabosoLion KingLion KingSuperb StarlingSuperb StarlingLilac RollerLilac RollerBee EaterBee Eater .  Few frame 







Prime Creator

Beautiful photos Venki! Great gear setup too!

Prime Creator

All I can say is WOW!!!! 

Prime Creator

Wonderful photos!