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This is Pablo to ground control

Rising Star

Hello there Alpha Universe 🖐
My name is Pablo and I'm a wedding and astrophotographer from Argentina, currently based in Italy, living with my wife, daugther and our two cats. Really happy to be here in the forum 😊
I discovered photography when I was really young thanks to the thousand of movies I used to watch as a kid, but I couldn’t actually do it until I was in my 20s. Started out with Sony in 2013 I believe, with an a77, and the rest is history...
We're now restarting our whole life in Europe, working and working and working to get the best out of it.
You can see some of my work at or in the next few images:

Love is in the starsLove is in the starsAnd in filmAnd in filmMagicMagic

If you truly want to see who I am, I made a video last year, actually, for the Vlog challenge from Sony: 

I like, quite a lot, astronomy, coffee and photography. If you want to chat with me, feel free to do it.
If you want to collaborate in any way, also, feel free to do it, I'm all in.

Hope you like it,




Leading Creator

Welcome and great to have you! Enjoy watching your video - nice work on the hyperlapse & timelapse. It looks like you lead an exciting life!

Community Manager
Community Manager