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Well Howdy!

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Hey fellow togs. My name is TJ and I hail from Phoenix, AZ. I love short brisk walks along the beach, gazing over the mountains with a blank stare and my favorite past time is hand counting the pixels of my camera to ensure the marketing literature was correct. 

All kidding aside, I am a passionate photographer in all areas and love landscapes in addition to portraiture, but my true talent is in timelapse photography. Although I am newer to portraiture I have been shooting landscapes since I took a film class as a teenager. 

Since moving to the desert from Colorado, I have found a unique and charming beauty about the arid planes of the Sonoran desert. I am excited to grow in photography along with you. 

Oh yeah, I once went to Kando, and hope Sony brings it back. If so, I will see you there 🙂

Click Click, 


P.S. I took the following photo, it's not of me. 




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Community Manager


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Great to have you here! Love the non-self-portrait too! Hope to see you at the next Kando 🙂

HAHA Thanks Drew!

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Welcome, hope to see you at the next Kando!