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A Great Photo Sales Business Tip for a Bad Economy

Prime Creator

This may not sound glamorous, but I found it to be helpful!

I have been tweaking my passive income streams. Well, who am I kidding? Passive income streams are rarely passive. 😂 We have a couple of Vrbos and I spend a LOT of time this summer cleaning them. 🧹 Getting into the Vrbo culture taught me something about photography. One tip I learned about photo sales to the people who NEED photos to market their product. Every house flipper, house staging designer and Airbnb or Vrbo owner NEEDS to have wall art. I'm looking to get into that niche by offering packs of images to people I know personally and customizing based on trending color palettes they need for their properties.

Another niche is mockups. Nearly everyone selling a product needs a nice mockup. I am using my Photoshop skills and nice gear to make pretty photos others NEED. With the economy being a bit crazy, so many people are reaching to product sales...t-shirts, mugs, gifts, etc. and they all need great pictures to sell them. You would likely not be surprised to see that many mockups for sale on Etsy, Creative Market, Design Bundles, etc. are pretty terrible. Imaging amazing band t-shirt mockups or sweatshirt mockups for a bachelorette party...the opportunities are endless and may align with the genre you already shoot!


Prime Creator

diversifying income streams is always a great idea!

Yes, it is easy to get stuck in the familiar!

Star Member

I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with the group. I'm sure you have made a difference in many lives. Sometimes all it takes to get someone started is to provide an idea for them to run with. I must admit, I thought Vrbo was an animal and got more excited then I should have 😆. Learned something new. Thank you again for the new ideas.

hehe! Yes, Vrbo is a weird name!  For those who pop in is just a whole house or apartment that is a short-term rental. 🙂