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A9 Mark II Autofocus


I am transitioning from Nikon to Sony and am completely blown away by the autofocus tracking on the A9 II. I read that version III was being lent out to select photographers at the 2022 World Cup, and am wondering if there are significant improvements in the camera that I should wait, and I am most specifically interested in the autofocus and low light capability.


Mover & Shaker

That's all speculation at this point, but I'd look at the A1 and set the bar there. 👀

Rising Star

I've heard nothing through Sony channels about a replacement for the a9II though it would be most welcome!  My favorite setting for sports is the "tracking: flex M" for 90% of what I shoot and then "tracking: flex S" for using a 2x on the 400GM and 1.4 and 2X on the 600GM.