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Always have a camera ready...

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Sony A7RV + 70-200mm MK2 GMSony A7RV + 70-200mm MK2 GM

If there's one thing that I have nightmares about it's not having a camera nearby when I want to photograph something -- thankfully that wasn't the case for this photograph! We rarely get any snow in northern Virginia so when it snowed I was so excited to try to capture something contrasty outside of my house. Within just a few moments of bringing up my A7RV + 70-200mm from my office, I found my subject -- a beautiful red cardinal that contrasted perfectly with the new snow and flat lighting. 

Do you keep your cameras close by when you're at home or out on an adventure? 


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In the words of the Great One - Wayne Gretzky - you'll miss 100% of the shots your don't take. Excellent advice Drew



Agreed. I get squirrels and rabbits frequently on my porch and side patio.  I caught this one with the a7 IV and the 90mm Marco lens.