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Always needing more


I have the 16-35gm and a 7-200mm Gm II. I am getting more into a wildlife photography and it seems I am always not close enough and desire more length. Does anyone think the 600mm is the best for wildlife photography or 200-400 be the one to get? I want to photography birds, deer squirrels . One day hopefully Bears and Foxes if it happens and also mountain Lions. Oh and also epic big mountains. 


I guess the new lens 20-70mm would be perfect for wedding photography. But you still need to get close.


Rising Star

Depending on the camera body you have, I will recommend you get the 200-600mm G, it’s a wonderful lens and the single reason that made me switch to Sony, from Canon. With wildlife photography, you’ll never get enough reach but the 200-600mm will definitely get you closer.

Prime Creator

Like Razak recommended, the 200-600mm G is an excellent choice for the wildlife photography. It's got a good balance between image quality, speed, and price point.

The other possible option you could go if you don't want to spend that much money right off the bat, you can consider a 2.0x TC to pair with your 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS 2 this will extend your focal length effectively up to 400mm except at a cost of 2-stops light loss.

If you combine the 200-600mm with 2.0x TC you can get up to 1200mm focal length at f/13.

I have no problem putting teleconverters on, but I’d consider not using a 2X with the 70-200 or the 200-600mm. The auto focus and quality loss just wasn’t worth it. I tried on both of those lenses and decided that cropping produced better results. Now, I’ll put a 1.4X on a 600mm all day long and the results look great. 

True! I have both the 1.4X and 2X TCs, and I'm yet to achieve good results from them. The 1.4 is usable, but still... I will admit that I'm starting to use them in videos; it more forgiving, and sharpness is not critical.