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Am I the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode?

Leading Creator

I'm curious to know if I'm the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode (even though you can). The other week I was having a discussion with another photographer and they couldn't understand why I wasn't shooting silent. Many of the newer cameras allow you to turn off audio signals completely. Not just the Auto Focus beeps, but also have silent shutter options. 

Now, I 100% get that silent shooting is necessary for some situations. It has revolutionized golf photography, for example, because now you can shoot during a backswing. 

However, for me and my bird photography, I find that I like the sound of the electronic shutter. If anything, it helps not fill up my cards as fast. When I have silent shutter on, I feel like I burn through my cards at twice the speed because I need the audio sound to let me know how much I'm shooting. 

Anyone else like this? 


Star Member

I never do. My recommendation would be to default to EFS and not use Silent mode unless you have a specific need (acknowledging that for many photographers there may be many). Here's a link with all the reasons not to use Silent mode:

Prime Creator

I rarely use silent, maybe just because I am old school. However when I do time lapse, I use silent shutter

Key Contributor

I also do not turn on Silent Mode. I'm so old school that it is comforting to me to hear a shutter clicking even if it is just a fake noise. I would use it for golf, weddings and anywhere that I had to be as minimal of a distraction as possible.

Prime Creator

I’m with you! I still love the sound of the shutter. The few times I’ve turned on silent mode, I felt like I kept having to check that there was an image there! I know there was, it just made me nervous without the sound LOL!