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Any Maxpreps Sony Shooters?


Hi all! I've done a fair amount of HS Sports, and thought about setting my sites on qualifying as a maxpreps shooter. I'm not expecting anything from it real, other than a simple goal to set and achieve.

My curious what type of gear qualifies. While I tend to shoot with high quality glass, I'm simply not going to have a 400mm 2.8. When I was shooting Nikon, the 300mm was at least an option. Anybody qualify with say the 70-200 2.8 II 16-36 2.8 , etc?


Rising Star

They hate any kind of noise as well as images that are not perfectly sharp.  Don't think you can fool them with adding in un-sharpen mask or doing a lot of fancy Topaz Denoise slight of hand.  You only get to submit 5 images so make sure everything you submit is perfectly sharp, has the entire body of the athlete, and doesn't exhibit a lot of noise.  If you do that, you may get in.  You could make it work with the 70-200GMII as long as your tight enough on the action.

Appreciate that response. I can totally deal with image quality, I just wasn't sure if people would get dismissed without something like a 400mm. Thanks!