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Anyone get anything fun for the Holidays?

Prime Creator

I actually didn't ask for or get any photography gear, save for a 20TB hard drive. My gift to myself is to re-do my office. I bought a petite vintage desk and the external was to clean up the mountain of externals I currently have collecting dust in a pile under my desk. 

I also am planning on making a seamless pattern with my floral images and adding a wall mural behind my desk. 

What did you get?


Star Member

Ugh I wish I had gotten an external - I too struggle with a mountain of hard drives! I didn't get much in the way of camera gear - but I have quite a wish list (the Sony A7RV being on the top!) 

I can't wait to see photos of your office! Sounds beautiful

I just got my Sony a7RV and have only had the opportunity to photograph with it twice for landscapes - insanely great camera and file! Don't buy into what others are saying about it just being the same senor of the a7RIV. It is, but it is coupled with the new processor which makes it act like a brand new sensor!

Key Contributor

I'm off to Best Buy to purchase a new SSD 4TB external drive for my new Mac Studio. Does that count? 🙂