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Anything I need to know before I update my Macs to Ventura?

Prime Creator

I am a holdout because I have been burned before. 🙂 I have three Macs to update and I am scared that PS or Lightroom will misbehave. I have such trouble after getting Monterey! I couldn't shoot for a month as I worked out the kinks. 



I've chosen not to update yet because of past issues! I also have 3 Macs, I contacted Apple Support and even the rep suggested waiting when I explained that I needed to use the Adobe suite.

That is good to know. I don't want to brick anything! 

Rising Star

I've had no issues so far.

If you have three Macs pick the one that would cause the least hassle if there is a problem, upgrade it and test your workflows. Once you are comfortable upgrade the others.

That sounds like a solid plan. I will upgrade one my kids use for school and see if it survives!