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What photographers have influenced you?

Who are some of the photographers who have influenced you?For me, just a few off the top of my head (skipping people I know personally)Alfred StieglitzHelen LevittGordon Parks Art StrieberPeggy SirotaRichard AvedonMinor WhiteGertrude Käsebier   

tonygale by Prime Creator
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The early bird get's the... light?

Had the pleasure of waking up around 30 minutes before sunrise to be greeted by some of the most spectacular colors I've seen in a long time here in Virginia! How many of you are an early bird and how many of you despise waking up early to catch the ...

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Winter Sports

There is just something about shooting winter sports that looks magical. What is your favorite winter photo or video? 


Share your best long exposure images here!

I don't know about you, but I am in love with the technique of long exposure (LE) and would really like to see your best LE images here on this thread! How about we also share what cameras and lenses were used to capture them?To be fair, I'll start!T...

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Most Versatile All-Around Lens

Being a-little-bit-of-everything photographer, I really do not enjoy changing out numerous camera lenses to get the photo I want. In your opinion, what is the best all-around zoom lens to use that allows you to take a variety of photos, from wide ang...

Vertical lines in Sony GM 35mm f1.4

 hello dear Community,I got a GM lens 35mm f1.4 recently and I shoot on Sony  alpha R IV. I have had some weird results when I am shooting with this lens under low light situations. The picture shows vertical darker bars. Does anybody know why this i...


My Favorite lenses and cameras for basketball???

Each time I head out to shoot a game, I usually take slightly different lenses.  Sony offers so many lenses at this point, that I can use different gear to cover the same sport each time I head out.  Today, I was working in a smaller DIII school near...

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pm-r by Star Member
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What's the most underrated lens?

Ever since I bought the Sony 14mm 1.8 lens a couple months ago, I thought it would just be nice to have a super wide angle lens for certain situations. To my surprise, it's become one of my go to lenses. I lean into the wideness and distortion to get...

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The Philly Flower Show was So Fun!

Photographing the flowers of 'The Electric Garden' at the Philadelphia flower was a bit of a challenge. I led photo tours around the exhibits and I likened it to a botanical gardens in a night club, haha! I LOVED the challenge. The creativity of each...

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Any “Must Have” Custom Camera Setups

Does anyone have a custom button or custom setup on their camera that they swear by? I don’t change much but I did change the C3 button (a1 camera) to switch various Eye Af. I also have a custom recall setting for the AEL button that allows me to swi...

MattK by Prime Creator
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