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Sony 14mm GM for Action Sports Photography

Hey! Wondering if anyone has used the 14mm for action sports photography... I shoot a lot of mountain biking & skiing. I want to add an ultra wide lens to the kit to mix up the looks and get that different feel then just the long lens. I have played ...

Cayman by Newbie
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Beauty of the Abandoned

Hey Everyone! Who else here Likes to explore and take photos of abandoned locations? I've always been fascinated with the way nature reclaims these locations and the history!

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Maddy5 by Member
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Portrait photography

New to the Sony crew and finding beauty in natural light portraits. What lense do you use for portraits? 35mm or 50mm? Neither? Let me know!

Ideas for winter photography

Hi everyone! Since we are getting really close to the winter season I would like to collect some new ideas for winter photography. I´ll try and use the best ideas here and share the results with you guys so let the ideas flow!Some background about me...

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Any “Must Have” Custom Camera Setups

Does anyone have a custom button or custom setup on their camera that they swear by? I don’t change much but I did change the C3 button (a1 camera) to switch various Eye Af. I also have a custom recall setting for the AEL button that allows me to swi...

MattK by Leading Creator
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Happy Thanksgiving!I'd love to hear what everyone is thankful for this year as it pertains to photography! For me, I am most thankful for the new friendships I've made through Sony over the last year, and to be Abel to work with a company that is so ...

Favorite Wildlife Lens?

So what's everyone's favorite wildlife lens. Not necessarily brand, but I'm curious to see if people are more of a "the closer I get the better" or prefer something more in the 70-200mm range? Of course it depends on the wildlife too but, for me, I'd...

_DSC0792 copy.jpg
MattK by Leading Creator
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Am I the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode?

I'm curious to know if I'm the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode (even though you can). The other week I was having a discussion with another photographer and they couldn't understand why I wasn't shooting silent. Many of the newer came...

MattK by Leading Creator
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Favorite winter subjects?

As we move into the cold season here in the northern hemisphere, I am pondering what to explore. What are your favorite winter subjects? 

My Travel Photography from Peru

The Nazca Hummingbird For the first time, as some of you may have, I saw the figures of the Nazca desert in the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As a huge fan of the series, one of the things I dreamed of doing was seeing t...

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