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IN LOVE with the A7RV and the 50mm 1.2... LORDY

Sony A7RV + 50mm 1.2GMI recently had the opportunity to use the A7RV with the 50mm 1.2 out in the field for a project and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way that they pair. I don't know why but I prefer the image quality over my A1 (when it comes to portraits...


2022 highlight video!!

Cramming a years worth of wedding photography into a minute long video is always fun! I've been trying to do this every year for the past couple years and just got done with this one. A few images taken on the a1 and the a7rV, but most are from the S...

Photo Editing/Post-Processing - Before and After

My photography 2023 new year resolution is to become better at post-processing. I thought it would be fun to start a post and see if anyone is interested in sharing their edits of their before and after photos and talk a bit about their thought proce...

DSC07094.jpg DSC07094-Edit.jpg
TrekRover by Prime Creator
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New year, New gear

I was able to finally move to Sony in 2022, the reason for my move, I had reached my ceiling and I feel that I could do much more and I needed that extra firepower. #newyear Looking forward to growing with Sony 

Resolved! Vacation camera choices 📷

Going on vacation in a few weeks and I don’t want to bring my main camera. I want something I can whip out quickly, get the shots I can’t and put it out if the way as I walk through crowded streets. Or…. Should I just use my iphone  


What app / prog do I need for remote control - A7r3 - android phone + Ipad? Thank you

Jeff3 by Member
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What is your editing style?

I am thinking about trying a new look for my photography in 2023. Up until this point I have been all about dark and moody, with high details. This year I feel like it is time to step out and get more bold with color and brighter with light. I am a l...