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I Chose this Focus

For some reason I was drawn to focus on the towers about a mile away as they stand looking over downtown like giants. Would you have followed that muse? Or would you have tightened the aperture, or maybe focused on the people? 

Downtown FM A7405987l3.jpeg
GigaBrent by Mover & Shaker
  • 2 replies

Faint Rainbows

In your opinion, what is the best lense and setting to capture a faint rainbow. I do not want to use photoshop. I will be using the a7riv. Is shooting Raw my best option?

Prime Lenses

Lately as a discipline I have been working as much as possible with Prime Lenses. Working with primes forces you to develop a style and look to your images. I love the 24mm 1.4 Gmaster and the 135mm 1.8 Gmaster, and I know it is quit a stretch from 2...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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What is Your Next "BUCKET LIST LOCATION" To Photograph?

I am just returning from my second International Workshop that I have taught with my partner Ron Modra in the past 5 weeks. I am currently in DFW International awaiting my last leg home to the Central California Coast. We are returning from a really ...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
  • 13 replies

Where is Your #1 Place You'd Like to Photograph in 2023?

I am already making a list of places to visit for 2023 - most are places I've never been. Most are in the desert southwest. However - I really want to make it a point to get to Glacier NP in the fall in 2023.What is/are some places you hope to get to...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
  • 9 replies

Grain, hate it or embrace it!

This is a discussion I've had with some of my staff photographers. I always find it fun to hear the arguments of such divisive topic.The question that I've asked them was: Would you capture a soft image to avoid grain, of embrace the grain and get a ...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
  • 4 replies

What got you into photography?

As somebody that's recently taken the dive into the world of photography, I'm curious and always excited to hear the reasons why others do it. For me, I discovered some YouTubers like Peter McKinnon and Chris Hau that made it seem so fun. After givin...

Anyone get anything fun for the Holidays?

I actually didn't ask for or get any photography gear, save for a 20TB hard drive. My gift to myself is to re-do my office. I bought a petite vintage desk and the external was to clean up the mountain of externals I currently have collecting dust in ...

Do you use the preset buttons on your lens?

I'm curious to know if anyone uses the preset buttons that some lenses have on them. I've set mine to switch to APS-C mode so it crops in. I don't usually shoot that way, but it's a quick way for me to get a closer look at wildlife if I'm shooting fr...

MattK by Prime Creator
  • 5 replies

Next New Camera From Sony?

I wonder which Mirror-less camera will be updated next by Sony? Any ideas on the features? Will it be better than the Sony A7V that just came out?

Some recent clicks at Costa Rica

Hello. Posting some clicks taken at Costa Rica recently using Alpha 7C (a7C) with FE 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS (SEL200600G)  Would love to hear your feedback/ suggestions. Thanks.    

DSC01285.jpg DSC00833.jpg DSC02834.jpg DSC00786.jpg
SSD2610 by Newbie
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