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Sony A1 or the new A7R5?

Such a hard decision here..The Sony A7R5 just has a lot of crazy advancements... if thats the LCD screen Resolution... or it's tilt action to the dynamic range... the A7R5 is just really promising. However the A1 is the flagship. Anyways, what do you...

Kuttor by Newbie
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Shooting everyday this month

Which means I will have something to post daily. I am sharing for two reasons, one is to hopefully drive traffic and conversation to these forums. The second is hold myself accountable to take advantage of my very expensive equipment as much as possi...

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Sony 14mm GM for Action Sports Photography

Hey! Wondering if anyone has used the 14mm for action sports photography... I shoot a lot of mountain biking & skiing. I want to add an ultra wide lens to the kit to mix up the looks and get that different feel then just the long lens. I have played ...

Cayman by Newbie
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Walking around lens

Any thoughts on a good walking around town, easy to carry lens.  I have the 55mm 1.8 on an A7iv, is it worth it to buy a 35mm.  I also have the 24-100 zoom, but I am looking for thoughts on a small easy to carry all in one lens.

Polarizer Use?

A question about using a Polarizer: Do you have/use a different polarizer for each lens or do you utilize a step-up ring and use the same polarizer for each lens? For example, my 24-70mm uses an 82mm polarizer and my 100-400mm uses a 77mm. Step-up ri...

WWBrock by Newbie
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A9 Mark II Autofocus

I am transitioning from Nikon to Sony and am completely blown away by the autofocus tracking on the A9 II. I read that version III was being lent out to select photographers at the 2022 World Cup, and am wondering if there are significant improvement...

SHG44 by Member
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Getting started with Camera Trapping

I've recently set up my first camera trap to photograph wildlife in their natural behaviors. It's a steep learning curve for sure! But some photographers make outstanding images that way. Ben Olsen took this awesome shot and Carlton Ward also makes g...

Sony, What the Heck is Happening to You???

Hey Sony Team, what the heck is happening? You used to be a brand "for the people", not for the elite. I was drawn in to your ability to create community and excitement around a common passion. When I went to Kando in Oregon, all differences between ...

Sharing ideas

One and only mirrorless camera I used in my life is Alpha 6400 (a6400)  with 50mm prime lens.I also used a Ronin RSC gimbal with it.I am from Sri Lanka and as middle class student,it's just a dream to own a mirroless camera.Actually that gear I menti...

The A7RV shines with landscapes!

I spent a couple of weeks out in the deserts of Moab and the frozen Canadian Rockies of Banff and was truly amazed by the amount of detail, dynamic range, and clarity that the new A7RV was able to produce. I was using it in tandem with my A1 and got ...

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What Are Your Favorite New Features on the Sony a7RV?

I just returned from co-teaching 2 Monument Valley Workshops with Ron Modra. Christmas came early as my new Sony a7RV was waiting for me. I just set-up the menu yesterday and can't wait to try the Focus Bracketing and the new BULB Timer. What are you...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
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