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The obvious things on a shoot

I was on a corporate shoot yesterday, the only place I could use had Christmas lights up around all the windows, it was going to be a retouching nightmare. Then the receptionist said, maybe we can unplug the lights. It was such an obvious idea, that ...

tonygale by Prime Creator
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Portrait photography

New to the Sony crew and finding beauty in natural light portraits. What lense do you use for portraits? 35mm or 50mm? Neither? Let me know!

Holiday Cards!

I am thinking about how to create artistic photographic cards to send out for the holidays that may actually get displayed on the wall past the holidays. I am looking for original holiday card ideas. Do any of you send out photo holiday cards? If so,...

Beauty of the Abandoned

Hey Everyone! Who else here Likes to explore and take photos of abandoned locations? I've always been fascinated with the way nature reclaims these locations and the history!

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Maddy5 by Member
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Am I the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode?

I'm curious to know if I'm the only one that doesn't shoot on full silent mode (even though you can). The other week I was having a discussion with another photographer and they couldn't understand why I wasn't shooting silent. Many of the newer came...

MattK by Prime Creator
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Happy Thanksgiving!I'd love to hear what everyone is thankful for this year as it pertains to photography! For me, I am most thankful for the new friendships I've made through Sony over the last year, and to be Abel to work with a company that is so ...

My Travel Photography from Peru

The Nazca Hummingbird For the first time, as some of you may have, I saw the figures of the Nazca desert in the movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As a huge fan of the series, one of the things I dreamed of doing was seeing t...

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QUESTION: Camera Skins and Overheating...

Hey Tog-Friends, I want to put a skin on my camera and lenses. Do any of you have experience with this and have you had any issues with overheating? I just replaced my A7RIV with another A&RIV, however the last body was marred up and you could see th...


Any news if this camera may be released soon?

DoubleG by Newbie
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Are today's Auto Focus systems cheating?

I was out shooting some bird photography the other day and another photographer asked to see my camera so he could try the lens I was using. We were both shooting a Sony a1. As he held it up to his eye, and started tracking some birds he immediately ...

MattK by Prime Creator
  • 8 replies