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Protecting your equipment in the desert

I just returned from a two week trip to Morocco. Working in the desert can be grueling on you and your equipment. It is important to protect your gear from the high heat and sand. Of course changing lenses leaves your cameras very vulnerable, which i...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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What's your favorite setup for portraits on the go?

I've been trying to figure out what the best setup is for on-the-go lighting for a 1-person show. I want to keep things simple but I also need a solid solution for both stills and video (since I want to capture both at the same time). I'm curious if ...

332880616_616352056972612_4122501541931975745_n.jpeg 333564014_747510600372264_1622548920475091884_n.jpeg

Bright Monitoring

I tie Bright Monitoring to my Trash Can - an indispensable tool for night photography. How many of you use it?

DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Photography - A Path To Healing (Free Course)

The emphasis of this study is on self-discovery. Photography is used as a medium to express and explore our inner-self and to connect us to the world around us. We usually render in art what we relate to the most. We will explore the relationship of ...

DrJohn by Member
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Your 1st Paid Photo Session

Hello Alpha Universe,Tell us about your 1st paid photo session, and what gear you used for it?My first photo session was with Sony nex 5n and the kit lens, it was for a kid's first birthday back in 2012, I had to google some Ideas and we did it in a ...

Travel Advice to Egypt

I have recently been asked to do a talk at a college in Cairo, Egypt on my photography. Debating if I should go and if I'd be safe. Has anyone recently traveled there? State Department adds to travel with caution...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Want to shoot a Sony a7RIV from Space? Now you can!

Sony announced the Star Sphere project which will now let you rent the Sony A7RIV to shoot images from the space. They will launch the satellite with the Sony camera sometimes in 2023 and you can buy 90 minutes time to remotely take all the images yo...

TrekRover by Prime Creator
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I like to remind myself to always have fun with photography and not worry excessively about sharpness, correct exposure, and other serious type stuff. As a result, here are my long-exposure shots of the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland usi...

6838.jpg 6839.jpg 6840.jpg 6848.jpg

Focus stacking with the A7RV is a game changer!

Sony A7RV + 90mm Macro After a day of playing around with the new 'focus bracketing' features on the A7RV I've found that it's probably one of the best new features and additions to the Alpha lineup. It makes getting complete and total focus for macr...

Focus STack.jpg

Workflow Hangups

Love going out and shooting. Hate having to cull photos.Love editing. Hate editing *all* of the images I've flagged (I don't actually edit them all, but do hate the feeling that I should, eventually one day)Love posting. Hate editing the metadata.  T...

xMWayne by Newbie
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