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World Cup

It on! Any photographers here working the world cup? I've been dreaming about shooting some of the matches and events of the major athletic events.I would love if the admins can create some section, here or on alpha universe, to show case the work at...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
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Nothing Like The Dark Skies Of Idaho!

Having an amazing time with my @sonyalpha family here at the #SonyKandoTrip in Sun Vally, Idaho. Last night we followed @drewgiggity to the golf course. He explained how to do something super cool and Astro-y, but it went over my head. So I just took...

Environmental Potraiture - Do You Like Doing It?

Nashville-based photographer Ron Modra and I teach a workshop in Monument Valley in December where the native local Navajos go into full Navajo traditional wear and pose in front of the amazing Mittens and Buttes. We also get invited into a tradition...

Native Americans in Monument Valley-WEB.jpg
DonSmith by Leading Creator
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How can I fix a scratch on the mirror?

I noticed a scratch on the mirror, probably due to too hard of cleaning lol! Any ideas how to fix it myself or a good place to send it. Maybe I will win this one lol!

New to Sony

I have been new to Sony. I had the 35mm in canon and used it primarily; so far, I’ve used the 24mm GM by Sony but am having a bit of a challenge adjusting to the focal length. I am wondering how the 35 or possibly even 50mm compares to the 24 as far ...

Resolved! Alpha 6100 and RX100 VII

There’s either a Alpha 6100 (a6100) or a RX100 VII in my hand every time I walk out the kitchen door. I carry the Alpha when I’m on foot and the RX when I’m on a bike. The operation differences between the two is virtually seamless.

WJF by Member
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Pictures, memories are so important and finding the right equipment to capture those are important. Liked using my xz premium very simple and easy to use pictures were great. Always considering getting a Sony DSLR for bigger outdoor projects. Current...

Ray by Newbie
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Considering an upgrade from my R3 to the R5. Like to hear comments from similar users who are considering or have completed a similar upgrade. Thanks!

Debbert by Newbie
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SFX Photography

Hey everyone, New to this forum. I began dabbling with self portrait photography for my SFX/cosplay work and I’m still new to the world of photography. It’s proven to be something I love doing so far. Now it’s just a matter of learning and growing. F...

407C596B-E2CB-4FBA-9619-60D25C30077E.jpeg 38CE247A-948A-4700-A57F-69126937C957.jpeg D129C60A-A239-4146-86D2-8A68BF825B22.jpeg C7AF4A3A-6CED-4ABC-A1A1-D0DB73F829FE.jpeg

Sony Cameras

I Have to say after purchasing my third Sony camera (A7III,A7IV,A7RIV) and surviving the growing pains of the older and newer menu systems that this will be my system I use for some personal and professional use for a very long time. Sony is the only...

Smartphone cameras

How do we feel about the strides being made with smartphone camera technology? Will it ever fully replace traditional dedicated cameras?

Flower Soup Photography

Hello  everyone, I am new here,Some photos I took during the last flower soup of the year (its too cold now) back in October.  All the smoke is practical shot in camera using dry ice, a kiddie pool and faux flowers in my garage.     

C0E33044-6451-4FA6-8319-41F27D270465.jpg DSC08260.jpg DSC08272.jpg DSC08350.jpg
VFXJENN by Member
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