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Hummingbird Photography

Hello all, this is my first post here, and I wanted to know if anybody has a favorite hummingbird photography kit. I've been using a Sony Alpha 9 II (a9II) and the FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS (SEL70200GM). Recently I've also started using the2.0X Telecon...

Madera Canyon Day 2-105.jpg Madera Canyon Day 3-61.jpg Madera Canyon Day 2-192.jpg Patton Center for Hummingbirds-27.jpg

What are you looking forward to?

Hi everyone, I am interested to hear what people are looking forward to with their photography and the photo world?I am looking forward to getting the a7RV next month and to a couple of projects I have been meaning to start.What are you looking forwa...

tonygale by Prime Creator
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What is Your Number One Composition Tip?

As a pro, I get asked a lot what is the best tip I can give for composition? I can answer two ways: Fill the frame, and make sure you are giving a sense of place. What are your tips? Give the genre you tend to work in also...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
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The advantage of phone Photography

I love being out and about shooting photos with my Sony Alpha cameras, but there are times when my Sony Xperia phone has its advantages. Whenstrangers see a camera with a large lens they can be reluctant to having their photo taken. But pull out a ph...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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What is Your Favorite Time of the Day to Photograph Landscapes?

I hate getting up early but I do it a lot as I love shooting sunrises... The air is clear and cold and the light is so special. What is your favorite time to photograph landscapes? Here is one of my favorite Yosemite sunrise images. I arrived at dark...

Tunnel View Sunrise WEB.jpg
DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Resolved! Auto White Balance (AWB) Changing in Same Scene

This may sound like a silly question, but if I am shooting Auto White Balance (AWB) in a room where all the lighting is the same, shouldn't the white balance remain consistent? I was shooting an indoor event over the weekend. For some reason, in a co...

My work Sony Alpha

All my photographic work with the SONY ALPHA A7III, A7RIV, A7IV cameras and the GM 24-70 2.8II lenses, and the PRIME 24MM 1.4, 35MM 1.4, 50MM 1.2, 85MM 1.8, 135MM 1.8 I invite you to discover all this LOVE in photographs .https://www.albertogvphotogr...

Captura de pantalla 2022-11-16 a la(s) 7.45.24 p.m..png

My Personal Review of the new A7R5 :)

Here are my thoughts on the new Sony A7R5! I got my hands on it a little early and was able to use it for some insects and general photos. I really see this as the 'accessibility' camera as it makes shooting easier for those with physical limitations...

Do you upload images to alphauniverse account?

I have posted images there sporadically over the last couple of years but have never gotten a single visit. Whenever I go to the community gallery, it's always the same set of images. Just wondering if anyone is active in there.  

karthz by Member
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What is Your Favorite Subject to Photograph?

I never tire of photographing waterfalls. I was recently leading a workshop in the Scottish Highlands with my partner Ron Modra and we captured the beauty and grace of Sligachan Falls on the Isle of Skye...

Sligachan Falls, Isle of Skye, Scotland Highlands-WEB.jpg
DonSmith by Leading Creator
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I'm curious about licensing images. I have no experience or knowledge in this arena, but I do have some fine art images and I'd like to explore some options. Does anyone have some wisdom they can share? @CarolineJensen have you done this?

Digitizing Old Slides and Negatives

I am sure other veteran photographers have a collection of images either negatives or transparencies that they would like to digitize. I have been using the Sony a7riv and the Sony 90mm Macro lens on a copy stand  and getting good results. Is anyone ...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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