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Last Lunar Eclipse Until 2025 Happens Tonight!

Tonight’s “blood moon” lunar eclipse is the last one we’ll get a chance to see and photograph until 2025, so get your camera ready and hope for clear skies. Use this thread to share your favorite lunar eclipse photo or video from tonight, or share an...

Resolved! Chromatic aberration

Hello fellow creators.I am very much interested in gathering information on exactly how chromatic aberration occurs within photography. Also of interest would be methods or procedures in how to mitigate this from happening, both pre- and post process...

Dudds by Newbie
  • 6 replies

Composite Portraits

I occasionally like to do composite portraits, either with a bunch of people photographer separately or one person multiple times. If everything is consistent and the camera is locked down, it isn't too hard. Have you tried it? FE 50mm F1.2 GM (SEL50...

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 10 replies

What's your favorite BTS camera?

I'm wondering what your go-to set up is for BTS? I've got the ZV-1 and the Alpha 7C (a7C) (as well as the bigger cameras I'm actually shooting with) and I'm trying to decide which I like best for stills and video behind the scenes of a session. I lov...

Yosemite photo tips just posted a blog with tips for photographing Yosemite and thought other Sony shooters might be interested. Feel free to ask questions, or share your own tips, in the comments.Sunrise Reflection, El C...

GaryHart by Star Member
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My first images with the new a7rV

What a week!! After the big announcement Wednesday, I was super excited to be able to play with the new a7rV during a photo walk Friday morning. It’s even more amazing than I hoped. Super fast and responsive, the eye tracking was fantastic. Skin tone...

A69567B9-9733-408B-BE5A-2989E130C57D.jpeg 434D14AE-2E33-4BA8-96DB-DBF0C3134F56.jpeg CBAD5180-D3A5-405F-BC06-69AA2E140009.jpeg

Let’s talk bugs! Who loves macro?

I got to test the insect eye auto focus on the new a7r5! The insect eye auto focus is wild! I had to share smaller, reduced images below because the originals are huge.:)  Do you like to shoot insects? Share below!    

7C8E3926-0F47-42A3-9035-C1E4DA7A253A.jpeg FAE88DD4-8A8D-44EC-8119-32AC0C1E89D6.jpeg 08F2ABBC-2128-40F6-A5D2-B00456E69458.jpeg 4FB8222A-D170-4E5E-B041-7254D92C6C84.jpeg

Fall Color Why and When

Here's a simple explanation of the science behind one of Nature's most misunderstood phenomena: Fall Color Why and When.Do you have a favorite fall color image? 

a7RIIIESOct2018_DSC7144NorthLakeAutumnReflection_screensaver.jpg YNPAutumn_211103_03393105_7R44598HalfDomeAutumnSwirl_screensaver.jpg a7RIV-2YNPAutumnSnow2020_7R41082HalfDomeReflection_screensaver.jpg
GaryHart by Star Member
  • 10 replies

Cuba BTS

Just got back from my Cuba workshop- one of my best workshops ever. Not only some amazing photos but just a good time hanging with my photo buddies and connecting with the Cuban community! How can you beat $1 Mojitos?? Love to take another group if i...

Product Photography

Who is into product photography? And what do you think about this photo? Taken for contents "If a pirate spot the treasure he needs to put his hands on it!" 

damian by Member
  • 2 replies

Need to see your surfing images!

Somewhere in Mexico just outside of Cabo San Lucas. The area is known for its surfing and this was an instructor who didn't mind me taking some portraits of her. I decided to feature the rocks instead of the water in this shot. If you like this image...