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Experimenting with light in the studio

I like to play around with light in the studio. These were a combination of strobe and constant light. What fun things do you do with light?Sony a1 and a FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM (SEL2470GM) 

22_0416_D_289.jpg 22_0416_E_230 1.jpg
tonygale by Prime Creator
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Great quote on photography/creativity

This quote from the photographer Ryan McGinley just nails it for me. I've had it taped on my wall for some time now and read and act on it regularly. "Find something to be obsessed with, and then obsess over it. Don’t compete; find what’s uniquely yo...

Can creating AI art make you a better photographer?

I have to admit...I fell down the rabbit hole of AI art generation. I was sick for a while and spent that time playing with Midjourney. At first, I was horrified at the potential. It literally could do things that would take a me a year to plan for, ...

carolinej_old_barn_in_forest_Ethereal_new_fallen_snow_autumn_fo_a3a5ff72-81cd-44d7-8aac-f5095ac4dfb9.png carolinej_painted_by_Andrew_Wyeth_iris_flowers_light_brown_peac_1a20f6b8-6798-4307-b6d6-76c825974c35.png carolinej_painted_by_NC_Wyeth_portrait_of_auburn_haired_woman___f825e4ef-24e2-41a6-aa82-aebdfc787031.png peacefultime_painted_strokes_ivory_zinnia_flowers_close_up_pain_85811e03-6a77-42fe-92d3-04fdbadf0dc7.png


After 3 years, finally took photos I am happy with! Chicagohenge is such a unique event, happening twice a year and you need the weather to cooperate too. What do you think? Did you ever catch this effect in other US cities? 

Chicagohenge-1.jpeg Chicagohenge-3.jpeg Chicagohenge-after.jpeg Chicagohenge.jpeg
damian by Member
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Resolved! What recharges your creativity?

What do you do to recharge your creativity?There are times where I feel creatively stagnant, or like I am in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. I firmly believe that we can all constantly grow and improve so I am always looking for a way to b...

tonygale by Prime Creator
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Resolved! Critique my photography.

So, I invite everyone to Rate/Critique my pictures. How would you compose/Process this picture if you were at my place? Here is the first one. 

faysal9 by Member
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Do you love or hate social media?

I have to say I was daydreaming about the early days of social media. Way back when, it was easier to get seen and heard. Anyone else mention 'link in bio' on Instagram and find their post tanks? Do any of you find success with social media? If so ho...

Do You Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone?

I am a fulltime landscape photographer and educator. Before that, I was a sports photographer and worked for the likes of Sports Illustrated, NBA Photos, San Jose Sharks (co-team photographer 28 years), and Fleer Trading Cards (14 years). My strength...

Navajo Elder in Hogart-WEB.jpg
DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Professional Photography Marketing

For those who photograph professionally, or aspire to, how are you marketing your work these days? I'm a commercial photographer and many of the ways that I used to promote don't really work any longer with the work from home, or hybrid approach many...

tonygale by Prime Creator
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Favorite photo sharing solution post events

Hey all, What is your favorite or best solution for presenting all photos from an event for selection of final edited photos I have almost 700 from a recent event that I want to give them the option of having some of their selected images edited etc ...