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What is your go-to aperture?

I was always a person who shot wide open. I love my 1.2 lens, but this last year I tried something different. I shot at f14 nearly all year. I wanted to get more details. I grew to love it so much, even though it was starkly opposite of my past tende...


Sony A7RIV

Hi Folks,It's a difficult choice to have One Lens throughout the year. I brought Sony 200-600mm F5.5-6.3Sony 70-200mm F2.8, Sony 24-70mm F2.8 & Sony 12-24mm F2.8 for various parameters & have been used quite often. They are all excellent in their dif...

Night Shoot with the a1 Lit with a single light

Night shoot with the a1 1600 ISOI was on a night shoot at the United Railroad Historic Society in Boonton, NJ. This shot was lit with a hand held Nanlite Litolite SC at 2700ºK about 15 feet away to the left.  1/15th second f/4 24-105G lens ISO 1600

Ceehere by Mover & Shaker
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What is your biggest challenge with photography?

I am always curious if other photographers struggle with the same things I do. My biggest challenge right now is print sales. I used to sell prints/stock quite often, but lately things have been slower than I would like. I am considering my options f...

Pixel Shift

Who uses Pixel Shift? I think it is a super cool feature of the a7RII, a7RIV and a1.Super accurate color and detail, and with the a7RIV and a1, four times the resolutionHere are a few of my pixel shift imagesAlpha 7R III (a7RIII) Alpha 7R IV (a7RIV) 

17_1203__577_PSMS.jpg 20_0726_124_PSMS16.jpg 20_0717_001_PSMS16.jpg 18_0223_030_PSMS.jpg
tonygale by Prime Creator
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My Long Term JPEG Project

I am an over-the-top editor most days. I turn photos into digital paintings and love to mess with everything in Photoshop. I find balance by shooting sooc jpeg. This practice pushes my brain to not rely on vision and editing only. I’m forced to mind ...

B39A8CBE-8FBB-4BE8-9AFD-2E806492086E.jpeg 6691D80E-9790-43C4-A03E-1B65C505842E.jpeg C1A903DE-3B83-490C-A0E3-7BAE97CA968D.jpeg 51DA4F6A-3EE6-4BCC-A6CD-824A28F83BDB.jpeg

Got Camera Equipment Insurance?

Living in Tampa, FL for 30 years, this was an eye opening week. I've seen dozens of storms come through over the years, and while the impacts are always hard for the direct hit area, rarely are they ever has bad as they forecast. This week was differ...

MattK by Prime Creator
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Equestrian Photography

I'm not a professional photographer or horseperson - I'm just the 'helpful husband' who supports my wife as she competes her Andalusian horses. I love sports photography, so this has become one of my creative outlets - documenting her success in the ...

DSC08427-1800w.jpg DSC08703-1800w.jpg
bengineer by Community Manager
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Pro or Hobbyist? Perhaps, both? Share your story here!

I know the line between pro/hobbyist can sometimes become a little blurred as the landscape of photography shifts under the weight of our ever-changing world. I know Covid forced many to pivot, me included! I have fluctuated between regularly selling...

Do your print your own work? Favorite printing lab?

I am considering printing my own images, but I'm clueless about what printer to get. I don't plan tor print very large..mostly 8:10s. Do you print your own work? What printer do you have? I'd like to print on gorgeous papers. Also, what is your favor...

Resolved! "Back Button" AF

I've seen "Back Button" autofocus mentioned and used a lot in tutorial videos - especially for shooting sports and wildlife. I think I get it - program one of the back buttons to be the AF trigger and to lock that in as long as you hold the button (o...

bengineer by Community Manager
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Do You Like Photographing the Softer Side of Nature?

Oftentimes I am drawn to the softer side of landscape photography. Vibrant sunrises and sunsets are great and play well on social media, but there is so much more in the landscape with which we can create art.This simple Mountain Sage can be found ev...

Mountain Sagebrush, White Mountains-Edit-WEB.jpg
DonSmith by Leading Creator
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