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Sony a1 is Awesome for Both Landscape and Action

One of the key aspects I really love about the Sony a1 is the ability to change quickly from photographing landscapes to action. I had just captured a setting sun over a bay with lit clouds when this flock of cormorants flew overhead in front of this...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Advice to young photographers

So you want to be a photographer? Here's my stab at timeless advice for making it as a professional photographer. Have a Point of View.  How you see the world and what you have to say about it (also known as point of view) is the single most valuable...

Picture Share! Share your favorite image!

Are you known for a particular image? Is there an image that sparks the most emotion for you? Share below! Please, tell us WHY it is your favorite image. I can't wait to see what you share! This is an image I made this year that I love. I love it bec...


Introcution of myself

Hello everyone, My name is Gert. I'm living with my family in the Netherlands. Daily job: Engineer building the Internet.My hobby's: photography, videography, audio, video editing, reading, writing, Internet stuff: website, photo and video sharing.I ...

Op de brommer.jpg Txel.jpg

Couple of photos I got at Kando 4.0

Just like the previous ones, Kando 4.0 was unforgettable.And here are some of the photos I got while I was there:Sierra Gilley ( Clark ( Dancer Adrienne Kerr https:/...

DSC00947_3000x2000.jpg DSC00938-3000x2000.jpg DSC01045-Edit-2_3000x2000.jpg DSC00961_3000x2000.jpg
Faruk by Member
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Studio Portrait Photographers, start here!

Let's use this thread to talk all things studio photography as it relates to families and children! I'd love to see your work, and answer any questions you may have. My go-to studio gear is the a7rIV paired with the 24-70 2.8GM and the 85mm 1.4GM. Wh...

Rogers-9486 ret fx FINAL SM.jpg Aponte-0097 ret fx SM2.jpg Hensley-06577 RET FX SM no logo.jpg Long-03538-40 RET fx SM2.jpg

Resolved! Serious Hobbiest Going Pro

I have been photographing wildlife for about 6 years & I find myself in a unique and rare situation of having many more good shots that bad ones. That said, I will take about 10% of the credit and gladly give the rest to my Sony a1. I will admit it t...

Midnight in Paris

Paris is often referred to as the City of Light. Please share your images of Paris at night. Landscapes, portraits, street images, etc. Tip: use a constant light to light your subjects at night. Set your background exposure first, then light your sub...

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Tips for astrophotography

Hi everyone! I am going on my first astro trip and looking for any tips for capture astro. LMK if you have any (gear, settings, etc.). Thanks!!

How Many of You Have Tried Lightning Photography?

As a native Californian I need to do a bit of traveling to find good lightning opportunities. Grand Canyon National Park is one of those great locations that during the monsoon season (mid-June - mid September) can offer a lot of opportunities for li...

Lightning Striking South Rim copy.jpg
DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Night photography

I love night photography, although I don't do it as much as I would like! I would love to see what some of you have been doing with your night photography! Here is some of mine to get the ball rolling.Portofino, ItalyCharlston, SCCharlston, SCAlpha 7...

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tonygale by Prime Creator
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One Light Portraits (On Location)

Are you crazy about portrait lighting and or curious about what type of imagery you can take by just using one light?  Post your photos, we'd love to see them!! Wedding and Portrait Photographers Welcome! 

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Are you doing back-button focus right?

Greetings, fellow Sony shooters. I'm on a bit of a crusade because if you're a back-button focus fan like I am, there's a pretty good chance I can give you a better way to set BBF up than you're doing it now.

GaryHart by Star Member
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