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Mike Colón here! Let's connect!

me and my favorite little girlHi there fellow Alpha shooters!  My name is Mike Colón (pronounced like Cologne) and I'm a wedding and fashion photographer based in the OC, California!  I have been shooting with the alpha line of cameras for more than ...


Fashion Photography

We need a fashion thread! Let’s share some fashion photos           

@Nino_Rakichevich_19.jpg @Nino_Rakichevich_14 copy 2.jpg @Nino_Rakichevich_18 copy.jpg @Nino_Rakichevich_17.jpg
Nino by Rising Star
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Sony Documentary Photographers!

Let's see your favorite images and talk about your favorite gear for documenting real-life moments. I primarily shoot weddings, so I'll eventually share some of that work. But my favorite thing to document is my own family. Each year I document them ...

Natural light portraits

I love strobes and constant source lights, but sometimes you just can't beat natural light. Let's share some favorite natural light portraits! 

21_0815_A_378.jpg Tony_Gale_Actor_1.jpg Tony_Gale_Actor_2.jpg
tonygale by Prime Creator
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Sony Kando!!!

Super excited about the upcoming Sony Kando! If you are going, say hi below and drop us a link to your IG! If you have been to a past Kando, share some images from your trip! Can't wait to hang out with everyone!

Vinson Images- (2).jpg Vinson Images--3 (1).jpg Vinson Images--5.jpg Vinson Images-00063.jpg

Photographic lighting - techniques and tools

Photographs are made with light, what are some of your go-to techniques and tools for your work? What questions do you have about lighting?I use an assortment of lights depending on the project, including Sony Speedlites, Profoto monolights, Manfrott...

tonygale by Prime Creator
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Sony Wedding Photography Super Thread!!

If you love shooting weddings, then this is the place for you!! Share your favorite wedding images with us!!Make sure to tell a bit about the images! The gear you used, any lighting, why you love the images, etc! Real weddings only please!   

Sony alpha Eye-AF (Autofocus)

I really enjoy using the Sony Eye- AF feature.  Allows me to concentrate on the composition. No need to worry if the eyes in your portrait photography will be sharp. You can achieve pictures of people with razor sharp eyes. That's what I love about S...

Marketing + Business Chat 💡

Hi Sony Alpha Friends! I’m Dr. Tomayia Colvin, Sony Artisan of Imagery, and senior portrait + branding photographer. I’m a mom of two and full-time business owner. I know what it’s like to want to earn more or have a thriving business, but you’re jus...

Food Photography

Hi, I'm Sony Artisan David McLain and happy to share creative and technical information on culture and food photography with the Alpha 9 II (a9II) and Alpha 1 (Alpha1).  I recently shot The Blue Zones Kitchen cookbook, a NYT bestseller that has sold ...

Sony Wildlife Photographers Super Thread!!

If you love of photographing wildlife, no matter if we are talking wild Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears or simply your pets at home, you have come to the right place! Here you can introduce yourself, ask questions about gear, settings, destinations or ev...


Landscape and Travel Photography Thread

Hi everyone, I am really looking forward to these new Community Forums on Alpha Universe. My name is Jason Frankle and I am a photographer and videographer based in Los Angeles, California. I am also a Sony Alpha ambassador through the Alpha Collecti...

Portraiture Questions

Hello Friends!  My name is Chris Orwig and I'm a Sony Artisan and portrait photographer. I also lead workshop, create tutorials and write books. My latest book is called Authentic Portraiture. With all that in mind, I thought I'd start a portraiture ...