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Sony 28mm F2, why does no one mention this lens!?

Okay, I have been saving up for G Master lenses, I currently only have the 14mm GM and the 24-70 GMii, but a recent birthday party at a night club/lounge had me wanting in the aperture department and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I settled o...

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Photography: More than a hobby, but a passion

Hello, Ever since I was a young boy, I have been captivated by the beauty that is photography. Photos of buildings, people, nature, wildlife captured my attention and left me entranced. While in highschool, I worked countless hours to save up, buy my...

Concert photography

Hey everyone, my name is Jamie LeBlanc and I am a concert photographer from Virginia! I shoot with an A7III and absolutely love it. Here’s a sample of my work, talk with y’all soon!    

9D525969-FA6B-4BD5-93C3-88DC9055739F.jpeg B04C23E6-5DC0-4C30-914D-B0BBFB7A3509.jpeg FA09DFC1-22F5-451F-B5C8-4A8786179283.jpeg

landscape astrophotography

Tonight I have managed to get out under the stars on the moray coast to make the most of the clear sky above northern scotland tonight.It also took me a while to find a good MF lens and I settled on the viltrox 20mm so if you have terrible eyesight l...

_SNY0442.jpg _SNY0471.jpg _SNY0470.jpg _SNY0436.jpg

Recent Photos

Hi folks just moved back to sony recently and not had much of a chance to get out but here on the moray coast in northern scotland we have seen some amazing sunsets.I have just added a nice 20mm manual focus lens to the bag for those landscape astro ...

49EF74A6-FCCE-4D78-8128-2D6DF1B77A54.jpeg EADE510B-7C69-4A3D-A8CE-F22DF4126245.jpeg 9ACA1ACF-7D31-4AC2-B07A-044B0488B66F.jpeg

Folder naming Sony A1

Hello! This is my first post. Be easy on me. Does anyone know the best and fastest way to quickly add folders to your memory card while shooting sports specifically. I want to be able to name the folders on the fly with just a few button pushes. Is t...

Justin by Newbie
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Sony vs. Canon

Hello creatives!I'm an award winning wedding photographer with 10 yrs experience and have only shot with Canon. I love my camera but it's time to upgrade. I am considering a Sony mirrorless. Can you give me the pros and cons between the two? Thanks!h...

Long Lens Landscape Photography

Is anyone else out there shooting long-lens (telephoto) landscape photography? I dabble in it using my Sony 200-600mm lens to capture the intense, sometimes surreal perspective it creates. I usually shoot in silent-shutter mode (iso 100) to avoid shu...


alpha clock app for andriod TV

The alpha clock app for andriod TV is a beautiful screensaver. It could be a good way to other present time-lapse photography. Has there ever been a discussionabout adding content to the app?

FJOW by Newbie
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A7r4 banding

Has anyone else experianced banding with A7R4 indoor led low light? Is this a common problem? How do I fix this? 

The Challenges of Shooting TINY Pictures

I have always loved the idea of shooting for TINY images. There are so many considerations though and I am currently working with a jewelry printer to place my images on necklaces. I have learned a couple of things. 1. Shooting for tiny images is com...

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