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Photographing People on the Street

I shoot a lot of people in natural situations when I travel. I know it's proper to ask for permission, however many times this ruins the moment. Instead of asking, I find that using your body language and reading your subjects body language is a quic...

IraBlock by Prime Creator
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Which is more Fun, Paid or Unpaid Photography

Even after more than a decade of all kinds of Photo sessions, gaping the camera and doing some macro shots in the backyard or go to the park and shoot some squirrels and birds is more fun to do.Do you prefer doing paid work or unpaid?

Alpha Street Photos in New York

Shooting when visiting my hometown is always a great time. New York has so much to offer with the natural air, tone, and overlooking skyscrapers. Capturing things from different perspectives is a staple there, making something you've seen 100 times l...

Escalator-Glass-(NY).jpg Top-Escalator-(NY).jpg Freedom-Tower-(NYC).jpg Glass-Building-(NYC).jpg

Pets & Wild life Photography

Hello Alpha Family,Our furry friend are part of out families, lets share here some of their portraits.If you don't have a pet, any animals picture would work.  

_DSC3684.jpg _DSC3697.jpg

Sony A7R IV and Sony A7R V handheld for Landscapes

I have used the Sony A7riv for Landscape Photography since its release in July 2019. As a sturdy, well balanced lens with built-in camera stabilization, I’m able to capture tack sharp images while shooting handheld, even while the shutter speed is .6...

Runway Fashion Photography

Hello Alpha Family,Any fashion Photography in the house, who shoots Runway Fashion Photography, show us your work.    

IMG_0121.JPG IMG_0118.JPG IMG_0120.JPG IMG_0119.JPG


What's everyone listening to? I'd love to see your favorites - photography or non-photography related! (Bonus points for true crime). Also, a shameless plug for the portrait photography podcast we launched last summer

Visual Voice: What kind of energy does your work convey?

Hi, everyone! I love to help people find their visual voice and style. It is hard to find yourself when we are bombarded with so much beauty everyday! It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of photography trends and fads too.One of my favorite tricks ...

DSC08758-Edit.jpg DSC05584-Edit-2 copy.jpg

Belt of Venus and Snowy Owl

Always listen to that little voice. I was leading a tour and as the sun set and we were just about to call it a day, a little voice said turn left not right. I had a feeling and told the clients that we should just go a few more miles to the next tow...


What Landscape Cameras/Lenses Do You Travel With?

I have been on a whirlwind schedule of travel since late September. Three domestic workshops and five international workshops. I'm constantly asked what gear I travel with - here is my list for landscape: Sony a1 and Sony a7RV, Sony 12-24mm, 24-105mm...

DonSmith by Leading Creator
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Sports Photography High School

I want to graduate from my Nikon D5600 to Sony for many obvious reasons.  I do a wide variety of photography and love to capture the moments in high school sports from football, Nordic skiing to track. What camera would you recommend and preferred le...

Resolved! Photography Competitions

With so many photographers looking to build a reputation on the international circuit, what are the photo contests you normally submit your images to?Here are some of mine:PPA, WPPI, Dodho Magazine, Audobon Society, Arizona Highways, Monochrome Award...

Always have a camera ready...

Sony A7RV + 70-200mm MK2 GMIf there's one thing that I have nightmares about it's not having a camera nearby when I want to photograph something -- thankfully that wasn't the case for this photograph! We rarely get any snow in northern Virginia so wh...