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Moon & night sky

Hi All I'm quite new with photography and wondering what settings you are using when taking pictures of the moon and sky at night? I would love to take picture of stars and moon together Any help will be appreciatedThank youPola

Pola by Member
  • 7 replies

Sports Media Trainee Program - World Curling Federation

What an opportunity! If only I was... let's just say a couple years younger so I would be eligible to apply. Chosen applicants will cover an international curling competition, with travel and incidentals c...

bengineer by Community Manager
  • 2 replies

Tips for shooting every day products

Hello everyone! I just received free lighting equipment and I want to start teaching myself product photography using every day items in my home. Any suggestions on brands of light boxes OR fun techniques to make the photos pop?

ACherry by Newbie
  • 6 replies

What was your pivot during covid?

I know a lot of us had to shift gears when the lockdowns happened. Did you pivot to a different genre or way of shooting? How did that impact your business? Did you find any hidden talents or benefits? I would love to hear your stories! 

Is your camera ISO invariant?

A discussion about noise at indoor sporting venue lead to the question: "is your camera ISO invariant?".Definition: shooting initially at lower ISO and then boosting the exposure in post will result in the same noise as if the image was originally sh...

LensBrew by Prime Creator
  • 2 replies

Sony a6000: 8 years later

If anyone is looking for a photography camera that can go the distance, the Sony a6000 is an excellent choice. I got my Sony a6000 8 years ago and it is the only camera I have ever owned. At the time of buying, mirrorless cameras were still in their ...

 My work as a professional photographer, and with the entire team at Sony Alpha which inspires me to create great photos.  

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Keeping it fresh

Sometimes I can feel like I am getting a little stale in my work, and I try and find something to keep it fresh.Some of the things I try are walking around with a lens I don't normally use, trying new lighting techniques, playing with pinhole lenses,...

tonygale by Prime Creator
  • 6 replies

Switching up your photography

I've been working in TV/Film for practically my entire career, shooting both video and photo (timelapse) and I'm finding the more I do it the more it feels less exciting and more like just another job. I miss the feeling of what it felt like when I f...

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