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How did photography make an impact on your life?

Whether you are a Pro, Hobbyist, or new to photography, I would love to hear your story of how you got into photography. Was there a defining moment that made you say, "I love photography" or "I want to be photographer"?

TrekRover by Prime Creator
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197 mm instead of 200 mm

Hi, All.I just got my FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS II, and easily half of the shots I intend to take at 200 mm appear to be at 197 mm in the metadata (and in the image review in the camera)Is my lens defective? Should I go back to the store and exchange i...

ST by Star Member
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Sony 200-600 lens

love using #sony200-600 this lens for wildlife and sports mainly photography baseball Burrowing owlsBird in my back yardBaseball 1st baseLittle League Basesball

2023_Bird day-015.jpg 2022_Burrowing owls-011.jpg 2023_Bird day-039.jpg 2022_March_Phillip_42_Baseball-873.jpg

professional studio portraits with 50mm 1.8? it is possible?

hello everyone this is my first post here. I hope you may be interested.I often see photographers changing lenses without understanding the pontentiality they already have. the 50mm 1.8 was my first purchase with my old sony a6000 (Now i work with my...

ZKV03904.jpg ZKV04018.jpg ZKV04146 COVER.jpg ZKV04166.jpg
ZK by Member
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About Me

Hi, i started as nature photography using mobile phones and its been a year since ive bought my first camera which is Alpha 7R II (a7RII)  with FE 85mm F1.8 (SEL85F18) , now ive been gets myself discover other genre other than nature, now ive been do...

DSC01018.jpg DSC00604.jpg DSC00576.jpg DSC01060.JPG
Rubbaan by Member
  • 5 replies

Out of My Genre - Weddings

I normally don't offer wedding photography. But, earlier this month I was invited to a photography class on lightning to help out another photographer friend (and learn a few things). These are some of the images I took from the course. Is there a ph...

RoGinaMontgomeryWedding1.jpg RoGinaMontgomeryWedding2.jpg RoGinaMontgomeryWedding4.jpg RoGinaMontgomeryWedding3.jpg
RoGina by Top Contributor
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BW Vs Color

Hello Again! here are both photographs  to  compare. Earlier I  have posted  just one which  showed the monochrome and I I had to post again to show both and get more insights and critique . Thank You  #sonycreativespace#wildlifephotography

DSC06128-2.jpg DSC06128.jpg
AmeenaZ by Member
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New toys

Hi everyone! We just wrapped up the ImagingUSA convention and the trade show was great! There was a new company there - Lead Savage - that seems like it could be amazing and I'm wondering if any go you have heard of it or tried it? Seems to be a real...

Protect Plus

Hello everyone. So... I am having a hard time deciding... Sony is offering me Sony Protect Plus for $340 for 3 years for my new A7r5. And I am right on the edge of buying it but here is my dilemma. I have the Airpeak S1 and paid $3000 for protect plu...

New Sony User - AR7VI Body - Focus Modes

Hi! I switched camera's brands recently to Sony. I have the AR7VI body. It's still an adjustment for me with the focus modes in in low light situations especially with multiple people it grabs the wrong person and often back focuses. Are tips? Thanks...

AHPhoto by Newbie
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how to define sony camera?

How to define sony camera?Ever since I bought my first Sony camera I am still impressed with all the features and the image quality it gives me. It is not easy to define my A7rIII camera in one word, which despite having been on the market for more t...