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Blood Super Moon - Could it be better?


Blood Super Moon - May 2021Blood Super Moon - May 2021
I took a lot of pictures of the "blood super moon" - aka the lunar exclipse in May 2021.
I was on the island of Saipan and had a great view of the event but I'm disappointed with the photos.
I was using my A6000 on  a tripod with a SEL55210 maxed out at 210 mm.  I tried a lot of different settings and this was probably the best one. Settings for this shot were: ƒ/6.3 1/3 210mm ISO400. 

Still, it never looked like the manual focus was perfect. I used the peaking focus and it seemed to be correct. Could this picture have been better or do I simply need a longer lens to get this sort of shot? 


Leading Creator

Looking at your shutter speed of 1/3rd sec. leads me to believe that you had some vibration when tripping the shutter with your 210mm. My suggestion for future attempts would be to either use a cable release or use shutter-timer at 5 seconds for a lens that long. Also was there any wind that evening? All these factors can lead to slight blurring. I do a lot of night work and have experienced all of these issues...

I'd love a tutorial on this. Is there a way to really lock down a long lens for long exposure shots? It seems wind is my nemesis! 


Thanks Don...There was little or no wind but and I actually was using the remote shutter app. I guess my real question is if it's possible to get a nice sharp picture of the moon with manual focus and the 210mm lens. Anyone have a good example?

It's possible even with no wind, there is still vibration from just standing near the tripod. I'm a heavy guy so I try to stay 10 feet away in addition to using the remote shutter app. You might be able to do manual focus, however you may need a star tracker, or pump up the ISO and increase the shutter speed the moon moves fast at a magnified focal length.