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Composite Portraits

Prime Creator

I occasionally like to do composite portraits, either with a bunch of people photographer separately or one person multiple times. If everything is consistent and the camera is locked down, it isn't too hard. Have you tried it?

21_1210_D_1093.jpg FE 50mm F1.2 GM (SEL50F12GM) and an a1


Leading Creator

Hey Tony. I've done it quite a bit and I agree. If the camera is locked down it makes it infinitely easier. I often get questions from people that want to composite their photos, but they haven't done any prep work - in other words, it's an afterthought. And if it's an afterthought, then you'll get the results of an afterthought which sometimes are unreliable. The more prep work you do, a composite can almost be perfectly seamless and come together in just minutes vs. hours sitting at the computer trying to fake reality. 

I absolutely agree, a little planning goes a long way!

Composites as an afterthought is bad. 😂 I’ve had people request it after the fact and I have to tell them I am not a magician. 

Leading Creator

Easiest way to make a good comp! Tripods are your best friend (as is constant lighting).