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Do I really want the 600 f4?

Prime Creator

Ok, I know. It is a BEAST. I have the 400 with the 2x already, but I am wondering if I should invest in the 600. This year I sold some older gear to get a floating blind for waterfowl photography. We live in a place that is coveted for duck hunters, but I don't hunt. I do have access to prime duck habitat though, only a mile from my house. Getting in the water with the birds this spring is a priority for me. 

My question is if the 600 is really a good choice. I HAVE to have super fast shutter speed since the camera and lens are literally bobbing in the water. 

Talk me into it or out of it! 🙂 


Prime Creator

Caroline, I'm going to be bad and talk you into it!😂 It's such an amazing lens!!! Extreme speed, heavenly image quality, beautiful bokeh, not too bad weight wise. Combined with an a1, you got the best combo on earth! 😄

P.S. click on the pick for clearer resolution



Balancing Great EgretBalancing Great Egret


Yeah, I was afraid of that! Amazing images! 

Leading Creator

Hey Caroline! That’s a tough one. I have it, but I much prefer the 200-600mm for bird photography. It’s easier to carry around, hold and versatile. I don’t care for putting a TC on it so 600mm is as far as that one is going to go and it does the trick for most of what I shoot. Plenty fast shutter speeds and with noise reduction software so good these days I don’t worry much about high ISO. That said, there are times where I want more reach. That’s when I put the 600mm with the 1.4 TC on. If I think I need the 840mm and/or I’m going to be in lower light, then I’ll use it. But the 200-600mm is just amazing and the AF is really fast, ISO on the A1 is great so I don’t have a noise issue, and people often see the blurry backgrounds and think I shot with the 600 f/4 when I shot with the 200-600. If you could sell the 400 and get the 600 then I’d go for it. But not sure I would invest in it. Hope that helps! Feel free to call or text if you have any questions about it. 

Thank you so much, Matt! I really appreciate your insight here.