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Do You Like Photographing the Softer Side of Nature?

Key Contributor

Mountain Sagebrush, White Mountains-Edit-WEB.jpg

Oftentimes I am drawn to the softer side of landscape photography. Vibrant sunrises and sunsets are great and play well on social media, but there is so much more in the landscape with which we can create art.

This simple Mountain Sage can be found everywhere in the White Mountains above Bishop, California. I spent a week in July photographing the Ancient Bristlecone Pines and spotted this on a hike growing out of a crack of algae-covered black granite. I had a soft stormy sky so the light was perfect.

I love to just wander and see what draws my attention. This was a whisper saying, "hey, look at me."

Does this type of photography call out to you? Open your heart and mind and see feel the landscape. There are endless images just waiting to be discovered.

Would love to hear your thoughts.



Prime Creator

I am a huge fan of intimate landscapes and the in-between moments. This is lovely and just what I would love to photograph! 

I tend to go grand view too often - I have to keep reminding myself there are great images everywhere to be made - just need to keep tuned-ion to what is right in front or below me Caroline.

Top Contributor

There is beauty everywhere, not just in the obvious places! I agree!! 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Absolutely! It's kind of like the adage "Shoot where nobody else is pointing their camera." I try to find the little things - especially ones that make their own grand view on a miniature scale. I love my RX-100 for this because it's easy to position it in low and unique spots, and I can either use the flip-screen or Imaging Edge Mobile as a remote viewfinder to get the shot lined up. I'm trying to use Imaging Edge more so I can really peek in and check my focus. I like to look for little scenes with mosses or flowers and interesting contrasts of light and dark. And especially on the trail I like to make myself take a little break and think "look around - there's a shot here you just need to look for it."

Shenandoah National ParkShenandoah National ParkShenandoah National Park. RX100 III 1/400 | f11 | ISO 6400