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Do you love or hate social media?

Prime Creator

I have to say I was daydreaming about the early days of social media. Way back when, it was easier to get seen and heard. Anyone else mention 'link in bio' on Instagram and find their post tanks? Do any of you find success with social media? If so how?? Otherwise, I would love to hear your opinion on all of this! 


Prime Creator

I find it much harder to rise above the noise now. My engagement is way down!

Mine too. It is really hard to be seen or heard, especially if you are trying to use it for business! Then it seems to tank miserably. It is annoying to have to pay to be seen by people who already chose to follow you. 


I completely agree with you. No matter how hardworking or talented someone is, they can't control how a social media platform will promote their content. I've been working hard for years and I've seen people with average talent and content blow up while my own content is barely appreciated.

Yep! Same! It is so hard!