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Do you upload images to alphauniverse account?


I have posted images there sporadically over the last couple of years but have never gotten a single visit. Whenever I go to the community gallery, it's always the same set of images. Just wondering if anyone is active in there.




Prime Creator

I have a gallery there! I don't know how the system picks what shows up on the first page though.

Just went to you page and took a look, some really nice work there!

Thanks, @tonygale

Leading Creator

Realistically I don't think there's much traffic going to those portions of the website and likely why this new 'Alpha Communities' page was set up. Way more interaction happening here and easier to use!

Prime Creator

I have always thought of it as a portfolio and I think that it  is connected to our profile  here on the forum. The image limit is there too, so we really can only post a small selection of our work.