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Do you use the preset buttons on your lens?

Leading Creator

I'm curious to know if anyone uses the preset buttons that some lenses have on them. I've set mine to switch to APS-C mode so it crops in. I don't usually shoot that way, but it's a quick way for me to get a closer look at wildlife if I'm shooting from far away. But I'm always on the lookout for other uses for them since your hand is typically right there while shooting. Thanks!


Rising Star

I have mine set to the same function, APS-C mode.

Prime Creator

I used to use it to activate tracking. In the middle of street photography, I rarely see objects that demand tracking. But when I do, I don't want to fiddle with my AF setting or change it.

Now I don't have it assigned to anything, but I might have it cycle the AF subject when I get my hands on the a7r5.

Prime Creator

I have never used that button! Then again, I rarely use all the custom options on my camera, haha! 


I have mine set to switch to my fast flying bird mode