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Do your print your own work? Favorite printing lab?

Prime Creator

I am considering printing my own images, but I'm clueless about what printer to get. I don't plan tor print very large..mostly 8:10s. Do you print your own work? What printer do you have? I'd like to print on gorgeous papers. 

Also, what is your favorite print lab? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

I have been super happy with the printers from DNP. They're built like tanks and are solid workhorses. You can find good deals on previous-generation used ones, just make sure you can still get supplies. 

For labs, I've been pretty happy with MPix. They seem to have 50% off sales a couple times a year, so for BIG prints I keep a folder on my computer for shots I'd like printed big, and just accumulate them until the next sale. I redid my home office this spring and did a wall of 16x24 photos, which both looks good on my Zoom calls and is a great icebreaker because people ask about them. And at 50% off, I got enough prints that I can rotate them through the frames from time to time to keep it fresh.

That's a great idea to collect big prints for the next sale! I will look into DNP. Thanks! 

Mover & Shaker

I have printed my own images.  It takes a bit of learning.  I use a Canon Prograf 1000 Printer connected to my Mac Laptop. It can print up to 22"x17" prints which covers most of what I need.  You do need to spend time getting paper samples from more than one vendor to see what works for you and then you will need the matching ICC profiles for the paper to be able to get the color you expect when yo print. You must calibrate you Monitor as well if you want to get good color in the prints.  If all this sounds too much then a lab may be a better option.  I used to have a darkroom and made prints for years.  Making your own prints from digital is the closest  I have gotten to pleasure of making your own print in a darkroom.

I am pretty familiar with calibrating and profiles and I am yearning for that darkroom feeling too. I feel so disconnected from my work at times, or at least it is different than creating in a darkroom.