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Environmental Potraiture - Do You Like Doing It?

Key Contributor

Nashville-based photographer Ron Modra and I teach a workshop in Monument Valley in December where the native local Navajos go into full Navajo traditional wear and pose in front of the amazing Mittens and Buttes. We also get invited into a traditional Hogan at the base of the Monument. Here is an example where I tried to make the image look old-fashioned:

Native Americans in Monument Valley-WEB.jpg

Do you like this type of photography? I find it invigorating combining the two mediums!


Prime Creator

Fantastic portrait, Don! I absolutely LOVE environmental portraits! I'm always trying to think of how everyone else would shoot it, and then come up with something different.  You definitely did that here!

This was part of a workshop Ron Modra and I run each December in Monument Valley Monica. These were locals and not professional models...

Thanks Monica - I am currently working my way home from teaching a Patagonia workshop with my partner Ron Modra - waiting at DFW for my final leg. We will be out in Monument Valley in less than two weeks as we will host two back-to-back workshops featuring the fabulous landscape and these environmental portraits - we have a blast with this workshop and still a few spots open if you are interested. Ron is well-versed in teaching this part of the workshop as he was a 26 year staff photographer with Sports Illustrated with nearly 80 covers!


Prime Creator

Environmental portraits are my favorite to make!