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Experimenting with light in the studio

Prime Creator

I like to play around with light in the studio. These were a combination of strobe and constant light. What fun things do you do with light?

22_0416_D_289.jpg22_0416_E_230 1.jpg

Sony a1 and a FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM (SEL2470GM) 


Prime Creator

I haven't done much work combining strobe and constant light - i will give it a try!

It's a fun technique!

Prime Creator

Could you tell me more about your process? I am wanting to try this! 

It's a fairly long exposure with a flash on one side and a constant light on the opposite side. So the strobe freezes what it hits, even with the subject moving, and the constant light gets the blur with the longer exposure. It works best on a dark background.