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Favorite photo sharing solution post events

Mover & Shaker

Hey all, 

What is your favorite or best solution for presenting all photos from an event for selection of final edited photos 

I have almost 700 from a recent event that I want to give them the option of having some of their selected images edited etc for their use.



Prime Creator

When I have done events I have just shared a Zenfolio gallery, but that is not likely the best option. I want to hear what others do! 

Prime Creator

I have used Photoshelter for years, they are great 

Rising Star

I use and always make two galleries there, one with all the photos and one with just my selects.

Mover & Shaker

I use Pic-Time.  In addition to being able to style the gallery it can be connected to a store where your clients can order prints or albums or you can design an album for them and deliver it directly to the printer. You can also make galleries public, or private or let the client choose.