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Favorite Raw Editor?

Leading Creator

With more and more software editing apps out there I was wondering what everyone's raw editor of choice is? For me, for $9.99 a month and the great updates Adobe has been doing over the last couple of years I use Lightroom. Plus, while I may not use Photoshop a lot, I do use it on just about every photo (even if it's only 60 seconds to remove a distraction, branch, or spot from my wildlife photos). With that, it makes sense to stay in the Adobe family because I get both. Curious to see what everyone else uses? 


Leading Creator

I always use Lightroom. I edit and color-correct a shoot with it, then archive the LR files with that shoot. I can come back years later and the LR file will always update and keep my original edit intact.

Prime Creator

I have always used Lightroom since the beginning. I have never really wanted anything else, but I was a bit sad when the stand alone programs ended. I like the cloud, but every month there are just so many things to renew. 🙂 

Mover & Shaker

Hi Matt.  I switched to CaptureOne about 5 years ago from LR. The main reason initially was for Sony the CP1 Color Engine just did a better job in my opinion. The product has expended tremendously over the past years and the speed and quality I get from it is excellent.   CP1 does have an annual payment to get support and all the updates.  When I need to do edits that I cannot do in CP1, I use Affinity Photo.  It is excellent and you pay once for life. The other editing tools I use when needed are the Topaz tools. I think that to get the detailed editing you want, you need to find the combination of tools that can do all the pieces well and then develop a workflow with them.  

I agree. I recently started using Capture One and am kind of blown away at how good it is. Definitely worth exploring as an alternative to Lightroom.