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Favorite Wildlife Lens?

Leading Creator

So what's everyone's favorite wildlife lens. Not necessarily brand, but I'm curious to see if people are more of a "the closer I get the better" or prefer something more in the 70-200mm range? Of course it depends on the wildlife too but, for me, I'd say I rarely ever regret having my longest lens on possible. 

I've tried the 100-400mm, and the 70-200mm, but I keep going back to the 200-600mm and when I look at my metadata almost all of my photos are around 600mm. Anyone else with similar experiences? Thanks!

_DSC0792 copy.jpg


Prime Creator

Key Contributor

My Sony 200-600mm + 1.4 and 2x extenders. Also the Sony 400mm f/2.8 + 2x (great combination)!

I have the 2x as well for the 400 and ADORE it! 


Hey Matt!  Good question! I'd definitely say 12-24 if I'm ever that lucky with a curious creature, haha. Otherwise it's just hard to top the 600 f4. What a lens!