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First Bird Photography Outing with the Sony A7r5 + 200-600mm

Leading Creator

I got to take the new A7r5 out the other morning to a local beach for some bird photography. It was a pretty quiet morning so it's not the best bird photography you've ever seen, but if you're looking for some idea of the quality of the new camera these should help. I usually use the a1, but I have to say this camera performed perfectly. Didn't miss a shot and the auto focus was impeccable. 

All photos taken in Manual Exposure mode, lowest f-stop on the lens (f/6.3), varying shutter speeds and Auto ISO. 

(like all online photos, these are best enjoyed if you go full screen)

Against a cluttered background and it still locked on instantlyAgainst a cluttered background and it still locked on instantlyDSC00083-Edit.jpgDSC00119-Edit.jpgDSC00158-Edit.jpg


Key Contributor

Excellent Matt. Just returned from 2 weeks in Monument Valley and just got my camera - can't wait to set it up and try it out!

Leading Creator

Great work Matt!

Prime Creator

These are just amazing!