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Focusing issues with Sony 90mm 2.98 macro when shooting teeth (im a dentist)


I am a dentist that loves photography and documenting my cases but im stuck with shooting manual mode with my sony A1 and 90mm lens. When I use autofocus the lens goes crazy tryign to find a focus even when i shoot from the rigth length setting on the lens. It's something I miss that i used to get with my old canon 5d mark iii and 100mm lens. When i used the canon, I used to shoot autofocus and regarldess where i would point it would focus right away at the teeth. Part of the problem with the sony is that in low light (inside the mouth) its hard for the camera to find the focus (the canon dslr didnt ahve this problem). Does anyone have any recommendations to help me? Thank you and much appreciated. 




Prime Creator

This is so interesting! Does it have an issue if you use spot focus and choose the tooth you want to focus on? 

Prime Creator

Also, how much light do you have illuminating the mouth? Is the overhead light on --the one they turn on for cleaning, or is it more of a sitting up situation? 

Leading Creator

The amount of light might indicate why the focus is going crazy but to put it bluntly the 90mm Macro is one of Sony's first lenses and doesn't have the same AF technology you would find in their newer lenses. I think we're all waiting on pins and needles for a new Macro to launch (and hopefully soon!). For the time being, I would recommend using more light (so it can see the contrast needed to find focus) or use manual focus and a micro-adjuster ball head so you can move mm back and forth for the perfect focus. 

I second an updated macro!