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Fun photo ideas

Prime Creator

What fun photo ideas are you working on? I am planning a shoot with a dancer and four cameras synced to a single strobe firing simultaneously. I'm not sure if the final image will be the different angles overlaid, or side by side. It will be a little complicated to set up, cameras have to be on tripods, in manual focus, and I'll be using Pocket Wizards that I can program delays into to get everything to sync.

I'd love to hear other people's fun ideas.


Prime Creator

You call it fun and make sound very easy Tony. I just can't imagine the amount of effort that goes into it, and I know the result would be out of this world. Would this, though, fall under VR or 3D images? Also, is the pocket wizards useful for remote triggering for sports (i.e., no delay could be achieved)?

My fun idea is to shoot silliness of the reserves bench in sports. I noticed even when a team is loosing, they try to cheer themselves up with being silly and laughter. Some do that before the game to lessen their nerves and zone in. 

I wouldn't call it VR or 3D, although it could be shot that way. Pocket Wizards are great for remote triggering, lots of sports photographer use them. 

I hope to see you silly reserves shot!

Top Contributor

Going with my theme of family this year. I want to finally do a multimedia project where I take scans of my parents old photos along with new images of them and they talk about parts of their lives. My dad used to be a minor league baseball player in the 70's. I'd love for him to talk about that while I show photos from him from that time, along with photos of him playing baseball with his grandsons. 

That sounds like a great project! I'd love to see it!