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Give yourself a project


When I was starting out in photography I would go brave the cold of an icy winter to get a fun photo in the snow, I would read blogs about photography daily and go to strobist meetups to practice my off-camera lighting. I would take my camera everywhere. And because of that I believe I grew quite quickly in the art. There are some projects I got in school that I pushed the limits and came back with images I was super proud of… Now full circle, I am a high school photography teacher, and I’d like to think I provide some creative and challenging projects. But my work has paused. I only seem to take photos when I’m already going on vacation… or when I’m getting paid by a client. It’s limited my portfolio to landscapes and older pictures. To cut to the chase: I need to challenge myself to be creative the same way I ask my students to. I’d like this post to be a place where we can write down our creative project goals to inspire others that need a push and to hold us accountable for the things we’d like to accomplish in photography.
I’ll start: I have a interest in light painting (sculpting- where the light is reflected not projected toward the lens) and I would like to make one still life, or large scale drone light painting every month. Go ahead- what is your goal.


Leading Creator

I love this post and commend you for giving yourself and your students a project and the accountability and support to follow through with it. Please post your light paintings here as you create them, I would love to see what you come up with. Also, I would like you to know that the only reason I became a photographer was because of my High School photography teacher. I will never be able to thank her enough. Your job has the ability to enrich and change the lives of your students. Keep up the great work!

Prime Creator

Love this so much! I have always wanted to learn light painting from Harold Ross.

Harold is the g.o.a.t. If I can make something that even resembles his work, I’ll be happy. I went to one of his workshops and it was a great experience. 

Prime Creator

Great to see you on here, welcome! I keep meaning to start a project photographing and filming people in NYC who make things for sale or distribution by hand