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Got Camera Equipment Insurance?

Leading Creator

Living in Tampa, FL for 30 years, this was an eye opening week. I've seen dozens of storms come through over the years, and while the impacts are always hard for the direct hit area, rarely are they ever has bad as they forecast. This week was different though. While the storm didn't impact Tampa, as originally thought, the impacted areas got as bad (or worse) than any prediction we heard. I don't think anyone was prepped for what really happened in Southwest FL. 

So it got me thinking about camera equipment insurance. How covered am I really? What would I do in the event of a disaster? 

There are a number of ways to insure your equipment. Here's a quick recap:

1) Call your home or renters insurance company. This would be the first place I go to get a quote. Years back I did this and got a quote before I shopped around at online companies. 

2) PPA - If you're a member of the PPA it comes with equipment insurance. However, it's always best to see exactly what and how much it covers. The PPA also offers extended coverage through a third part if you have more than their default policy covers. This is the route I went since my Homeowners insurance quote was absurdly high. 

3) Ask Friends - one of the best things you can do. 

4) Google it - A good old google search will help. You'll find a number of companies that offer this and you can research from there. I did this and found that the PPA membership was my best route. 

Some questions to ask. 
- Deductibles?
- Coverage for international travel
- Car theft
- Mysterious disappearance 
- Storms and weather
- Damage and malfunction

If you have any experience in this, please add a comment.
Just like the new year is always a good time to make fresh starts, goals, etc... After seeing a storm like this, it's always a good time to check on things like this. You just never know. Thanks!


Key Contributor

Hey Matt, I have had my office and camera gear listed with Tom C Pickard in LA for over 25 years. Never an issue with a claim and even stood behind me in a nasty lawsuit where an image was stolen by a mega-giant corporation. A David vs Goliath Story. I was swept into the freezing North Atlantic at Diamond Beach in Iceland this past January with my Sony a1 and 16-35mm GM. Both were toast as salt water and camera gear don't mix. They sent a check within 2 weeks! They specialize in insuring photogs and videographers (of course, being in Hollywood). I highly recommend them!

Prime Creator

Insurance is a must! Another thing to keep in mind, if you shoot professionally at all, home owners insurance may not cover your photo gear.

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I feel so bad about all the devastation in FL right now. We lived in Pensacola after the Ivan aftermath. It was so horrible and I can't imagine losing everything like so many. 😞

 I need to update my policy. Thank you for the reminder!