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How a Used Sony RX100 III and what it Captured Along the Na Pali Coast


We started hiking in, and it was sunny and windy, and soon raining and still windy. The emerald blue water below us, with white waves crashing into the shoreline were captured. The vivid greens, and brightly colored flowers hugging the trail were seen through the lens with the same beauty that our eyes saw. We hiked through multiple foggy valleys, along steep cliff sides over 1,000 feet above the water, to a valley and hills of bright red dirt. The used Sony captured it all, as I patiently waited until we set up camp and a fire to take a sneak peek at the photos I captured on the 11 mile hike in. I was so happy and so pleased. I could not wait to get back and plug the photos into my computer to share. DSC04985 Medium.jpeg


DSC05015 Large.jpeg


DSC05024 Medium.jpeg


DSC05028 Medium.jpeg


DSC05030-2 Medium.jpeg


DSC05038 Medium.jpeg


DSC05087 Medium.jpeg



Prime Creator

Nice work, the RX100 III series us such a great pocket camera! I love my RX100 VI 

Thank you! It has been wonderful. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

My RX100 mk III is still trucking, and still my go-to when I'm not sure what I want to carry and when I don't feel like bringing out the "big dog" kit. One of the best things I bought was an extra battery and battery charger. I also like using the Imaging Edge Mobile app on my phone to remotely control the camera - very handy for group selfies, and when putting the camera into weird angles that I can't contort myself into to see the finder.

Prime Creator

Perfectly stunning!