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How did photography make an impact on your life?

Prime Creator

Whether you are a Pro, Hobbyist, or new to photography, I would love to hear your story of how you got into photography. Was there a defining moment that made you say, "I love photography" or "I want to be photographer"?


Leading Creator

It would take me too long to explain how I got into photography but it has been my career for most of my adult life. I write this on a break from co-leading 2 tours in Iceland. Could not think of a better way to have made a living and feel very blessed. My cameras have led me to incredible places and have met awesome people. Follow your passion and be willing to have a strong desire to succeed.

Prime Creator

Thank you sharing, Don! Photographing in Iceland sounds like a dream! I'm looking forward to seeing where my photography journey leads me to!


My life in photography started at the age of ten in the boiler room of a small parochial grade school. My science teacher offered to select students, most of whom were introverted, shy, the opportunity to gather on Saturday mornings to learn the chemistry of black and white photography. His hope was to open up the creative abilities of a group of quiet kids and see how they would respond. I remember the first time holding up a roll of developed film, that first print and I was hooked. Since then it has been my best friend in tough times, and continues today to help provide me financial support doing what has become a passion.

Thanks for sharing JD! I can only imagine what that must have felt like holding up something you captured and see it developed on a physical medium for the first time!