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How Important Are Video Skills in Today's Marketplace?

Key Contributor

I started in the photography business as a sports photographer and had quite a run. 20 years ago I started leaning more towards working on my landscape photography and now dedicate my career to teaching others through workshops. I am currently in Iceland teaching a couple workshops with fellow Artisan Gary Hart. My question is this to you younger pros: How important is having a solid grounding in video shooting and production in today's marketplace? I would think it would be crucial but I am asking all of you. Looking forward to your answers.


Prime Creator

I am not so young anymore, but I think video is important and just becoming more so

Same here Tony!


Prime Creator

I'm not a pro, but I agree with Tony that video is becoming more and more important these days. Video used to be prohibitive because the storage and processing requirements were high.

Several reasons contributing to the importance of video now:

  • Hardware data storage is getting cheaper and cheaper. 
  • Cloud Storage/Processing is cheaper and more reliable now.
  • Social media trends they've been leaning towards videos. Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram trying to pivot to videos.
  • If you look at the 30FPS for the Sony a1, that is basically what video frame rates were at not too long ago before HD.
  • Smartphones cameras are technically taking short clips and choosing the best frame for the picture.
  • New video tech easily available now: Drones and gimbals

All great points TrekRover. But as far as making a living, most want a combination of video and stills. Even newspaper photographers, those who are left, are required to do video!